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Ping Pong and Politics

Imagine getting hired for a new job and having the terms of your tenure determined by…ping pong. Sounds like a pitch for a new reality TV show, doesn’t it? Instead, it’s how we found out how long we’d be serving on the DuPage County Board once we were elected. Yes,... View Article


Lynn recently participated in an interview with Daw DeSart for ACE-Naperville. The interview focused on the challenges of campaigning during Covid. “We are trying to find any silver lining possible during this pandemic,” says Lynn LaPlante, candidate for the DuPage County Board, District 4. “For example, the fact that I... View Article

Baby, We Were Born To Run

After the 2016 national election, for the first time since being elected Class President in high school, I decided to run for office. Those feelings of loss and confusion that had plagued me since that election had made it difficult to figure out the next right steps, but I finally... View Article