Lynn with Family and Jimmy Carter

Sunday School With Jimmy Carter: Part 2

We did it! We drove from Chicago to Plains, Georgia to attend Jimmy Carter’s Sunday School! There is so much to say about the trip but I’ll write about just the Sunday School part first. The rest of it (like the 15-hour non-stop drive each way, the haunted hotel, the utter joy of traveling long distances in confined spaces with children, the town and people of Plains) I’ll save for later. If I try to squeeze it all into a single essay, I’ll get too overwhelmed and go take a nap instead.

In a nutshell: it was so worth it. It was worth every hour on the road, every gross rest stop, every lost bit of sleep due to my ten-year-old asking, “What was that? Did you hear that noise??” in the spooky hotel. I walked on air for about a week after we came home, which, as any parent who has experienced “re-entry” after a trip knows, that’s a good, long time.

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