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This Run’s for Jimmy (Sunday School With Jimmy Carter: Part 3)

My hero, former President Jimmy Carter, turned 95-years old last month. His recent health scares have people all over the world praying for his recovery, since none of us are ready to imagine a world without Jimmy. Especially with our country in such turmoil, it feels as if we need him now more than ever: if Jimmy Carter had a “bat signal,” we would be shining on it every tall building around the country, every night.

Jimmy Carter embodies a life lived in service to others. His is a life also lived in the world of politics and politicians, which seems like such a dichotomy these days, doesn’t it?

But what if we looked at the world through Jimmy’s eyes? I think we would see calls to be of service every single place we looked. We would all see clearly that it is our moral imperative to help one another, especially the least among us. We would see and hear the call to serve.

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