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“I proudly endorse Lynn LaPlante for re-election to the DuPage County Board. Lynn is passionate about her community, fighting to make life better for all the members of her district - and the entire county. It is vital Lynn remains on the county board to continue the great work she has been doing in her previous two terms - we need this type of leadership in DuPage County. I wholeheartedly support her re-election!”

Deb Conroy, Chair of DuPage County Board

Together We can Make Something Great!

DuPage County Needs a Strong Voice

Lynn is running for DuPage County District 4 because we need continued leadership in DuPage. It’s time for change, for a clear set of principles that go beyond balanced budgets. Lynn is a community activist, volunteer and four-term elected Precinct Committeeperson, with a focus on gun violence prevention, equal rights, fighting climate change, and ensuring affordable insulin for all. Lynn is a graduate of the prestigious Illinois Women’s Institute of Leadership Training Academy, which trains progressive women to run for office at all levels of government – the first woman from DuPage County to be chosen in nearly a decade. Lynn is the Founder and President of Glen Elyyn Women Leaders (GEWLS), a member of the Glenbard West Boosters Board, Bridge Communities and Vice-President of the Association of Music Parents.


Lead with a fresh perspective.

It’s time for a fresh perspective, for a new approach to problem solving. It’s time to end to cronyism. It’s time for the DuPage County Board to more accurately reflect the constituents it represents.

Take care of the least among us.

We take care of each other in DuPage County. We care for all the members of our community. We prosper as a community. We believe that – as citizen servants – our community is our legacy.

We’re neighbors, not constituents.

As I represent DuPage County District 4, I will balance the budget while I work to protect and prioritize the people in our community. I will care about more than just the bottom line.

Have a fiscal conscience.

As a board, we need to understand that every dollar we spend on a high-priced lobbyist is a dollar we can’t spend helping to fund meals-on-wheels. Our choices matter. We are here to do more than just balance budgets.

Join The Movement

Lynn isn’t just running for DuPage County Board District 4; she’s making a difference in the weeks and months leading up to our county elections. She’s bringing citizen servants together – in venue after venue across the county – and shining the spotlight on community services in need of your help. Come join her at her next volunteer event.